Kofta Kebab recipe

200g chickpeas

50g peas

50g soaked cashew nuts

2 spring onions

1 onion diced

½ courgette (zucchinni) grated

1 carrot grated

¼ sweet red pepper small dice

1 tsp coriander seeds

50g oat flour

50g bread crumbs

salt & pepper

2-3 cm fresh ginger

1 lime zest and juice

2 tsp cumin

1tsp turmeric

3tsp curry powder

1 tsp chilli powder

oil and oil for frying


soy yoghurt

lemon juice

cucumber, mint, garlic

salt & pepper

  • Toast coriander seeds set aside and crush

  • In a pan fry diced onion in some oil with grated carrot, pepper cook for a moment then add cumin turmeric 1 tsp curry powder, chilli powder, fine grated ginger, courgette and crushed coriander.

  • In a blender add the chick peas and green peas and blend. Then add spring onion and fresh coriander blend again but not too smooth we are looking for a rough breadcrumb

  • Now combine both mixes in a bowl with oat flour (just blend your own oats very cheap) the oats give the mix some stick and absorption then add bread crumbs for texture and absorption about 50g depending on how wet the mix is add lime zest and juice and 2 tsp curry powder if you want a bit more punch and season to taste

  • Now the mix should be a bit moist a bit sticky and can form a strong ball. Now grab some of the mixture about 60grams and squeeze it onto a bamboo skewer. Try to distribute the mixture fairly evenly on the skewer. I press them down on a flat surface so they will cook evenly

  • Fry the skewers in a pan I use a griddle pan so I can get markings fry them on each side until they begin to colour. Then coat one side with sweet chilli sauce and turn them over for caramelization then do the same with the other side…..watch them as they will burn quickly

  • serve with tzatziki sauce salad and ideally pitta bread or cous cous etc….

My simple tzatziki sauce

Place some soy yoghurt in a bowl then add diced peeled cucumber, shredded fresh mint, garlic, lemon juice and salt and pepper

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