1 kg Potatoes

250g flour

3 tbsp spinach purée (120g blended wilted spinach)

3 tbsp sun-dried tomato tapinade or it just puréed sun-dried tomatoes with olives, olive oil, chilli and garlic

salt and pepper

Spinach Gnocchi mix

onion (diced)

1-2 sticks celery (diced)

½ courgette


handful of peas

handful spinach

salt and pepper

Tomato gnocchi mix

onion (diced)


cherry tomatoes

20 olives

1 tsp thyme / rosemary

2 tbsp Basil


Boil the potatoes with the skins on when cooked peel the skins off while still warm use a cloth to protect your hands mash the potatoes use a ricer if you have one. But get them as smooth as possible. Next add the flour and salt and pepper and knead the dough on a floured surface for a few mins. Let it rest. Separate the dough mix one half with spinach and the other with tomato you may need to add some more flour if it is too sticky. It needs to be workable. Next roll out the dough onto a floured surface in sections into long cylinders and chop into 2cm pieces.

Put the gnocchi into rapidly boiling water and cook in batches when they float they are ready. Then plunge the gnocchi into ice water to cool them. When cool drain water and toss them in a little olive oil.

In a large sauté – frying pan fry the onion, garlic until tender add the other ingredients accordingly in stages hard to soft so they keep their integrity and toss in the gnocchi cook for a few mins add some stock (gnocchi water) to aid cooking if you like and cook until all are well combined and hot.

Season to taste. I like dairy free pesto and sprinkled with vegan cheese serve with and green salad and garlic bread.

Hope you enjoy your meal!

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