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The Foodlo project. As you may know I was a chef for many years and I love cooking. Now I live in the Czech Republic and I work as an English conversation teacher which I also love. It is only natural for me to discuss food with my students and it is usually received very well. Food is very important to Czechs, Poles and Slovaks they have many great dishes and are very proud of their cuisine. It is a great topic for discussion. Which is where the idea came from. We are all students and teachers.

Here I am trying to promote vegetables (preferably home-grown or locally sourced) and show how versatile they can be with a little imagination and passion. To explore different ingredients, methods and techniques.

We all know that what we put in our mouths is very important ai???you are what you eat.ai???

Diversity with food is also beneficial for our well being. We human beings are complex creatures; we require hundreds of different chemicals, minerals, vitamins etc in order to be healthy.
These days we often feel negative about the quality of food we buy in our shops, We doubt their suppliers and we share different views on the way food is produced/grown, locally, nationally and internationally.
Therefore honesty, respect with food in this project is my priority All the dishes in Foodlo are created at my home, All dishes are eaten after the pictures are taken. (My kids are very happy when Iai??i??m cooking and so am I. I witness them eating nutritious, healthy food and they like it! they are my best critics)
My main aim is to combine British food with Czech food (jidlo) and to recreate classic and traditional dishes from this region bordering Poland and Slovakia. I also hope to include other nationalities that are living in this area.
I would be happy to discuss the dishes and any appreciate any comments or constructive criticism.

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